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Titans of War publishes

Titans of War, the new Ancient Egyptian epic from the Master of Adventure, Wilbur Smith, has published

Titans of War

The new title in the bestselling Ancient Egyptian series of all time, Titans of War, is now available in all good bookstores. Written with the support of co-author Mark Chadbourn prior to Wilbur’s passing, it is the second of four new titles in the sequence that commenced with The New Kingdom. Niso Smith shares a message with fans on this momentous publication day. 

Dearest readers

As Titans of War is published today I want to thank all of you who have continued to share stories and memories of Wilbur, and who have been letting me know how excited you are to continue reading the adventures he left behind.

I am delighted you can now read or listen to another epic adventure story of Egypt’s rich history, with Taita as the master magus, in Titans of War, working to save Egypt from the Hyksos barbarians alongside the great spy, Piay. It is a thrilling epic, so on behalf of Wilbur I wish you many happy hours of reading. Wilbur’s love for Great Egypt was unquenchable, and the stories he had in mind are still to be told. 

Niso Smith